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Table 18 Summary of findings/results of examination of urogenital organs on October 20, 2004

From: Low reproductive performance and high sow mortality in a pig breeding herd: a case study

  Uterus   Bladder   Kidney
Sow number Findings/results Cystitis Comment Gross findings
2416 Normal/- Yes Mild Normal
2195 Abnormal
Congestive mucosa
Yes Mild Normal
1328 Abnormal
Congestive mucosa.
Small amount of pus
present in the lumen
Yes Mild Normal
2450 Abnormal
Congestive mucosa
Yes Mild Normal
1795 Normal/E. coli Yes Severe Normal
2206 Normal/- Yes Mild Normal
2452 Normal/- No - Normal
2061 Normal/- No - Normal
1628 Normal/- No - Normal
2448 Normal/- No - Normal