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Table 2 Hazards and risks listing (with CCP and POPA, standards or targets, monitoring)

From: HACCP-based quality risk management approach to udder health problems on dairy farms

Hazard defined: Staphylococcus aureusmastitis
Risk area: CCP or POPA Target Monitoring
Milking machine function (e.g.vacuum level) POPA Optimal Daily + 1x/wk + 2x/yr
Teat liner condition POPA Optimal 1x/wk
Overall hygiene on the farm (e.g.barn) POPA Optimal 1x/wk
Udder health state (pathogen profile) POPA Optimal Daily + 1x/wk
Milking method and hygiene (+milker) POPA Optimal Daily
Culling rate of problem cows POPA Optimal Daily + 1x/wk
  1. Note that 'Optimal' means according to prescriptions of the manufacturer or at best possible practice (e.g., [4]).