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Table 3 Intervention and advice plan for the example farm

From: HACCP-based quality risk management approach to udder health problems on dairy farms

Activities to be undertaken WI Responsible
Short term:   
1. Keep milking machine in good function at all times (frequent check-ups; maintenance; machine evaluation) WI Farmer
2. Adjust milking method and improve milking hygiene WI Farmer(V)
3. Follow the herd treatment advisory plan for diagnosis and treatment of mastitic cows   
4. Cull chronically infected cows according to criteria WI Farmer (V)
5. Monitor healthy and infected cows and the environment   Farmer, Vet
Long term:   
1. Implement separate housing for mastitis cows   Farmer
2. Improve cow comfort elements (feeding, housing, climate)   Farmer (V)
3. Improve overall farm hygiene   Farmer (V)
  1. WI refers to a certain technical working instruction for this topic; (V) means that the veterinarian provides technical support to the farmer on that topic, e.g., through the design of a working instruction or through herd inspection tours.