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Table 1 Example of the costs of mastitis calculated for a farm during the period 2007 to 2008

From: Norwegian mastitis control programme

   Herd data Value/unit  
A Herd bulk milk somatic cell count (BMSCC) during the last year 83,000 cells/ml N/A  
B Economic loss in quality payment in NOK with premium quality as the baseline 0 1 NOK  
C Production loss due to high BMSCC in litres 0 Litres 2.25 NOK  
D Litres of milk discarded due to mastitis therapy 2,100 Litres 3.60 NOK  
E Number of mastitis cases treated 12 550 NOK  
F Number of cows culled due to udder health 7 3500 NOK  
G Mean number of cows in the herd 30.6 N/A  
H Amount of milk in litres delivered during the last year 193,238 litres N/A  
Total loss in NOK, when multiplying B to F with the unit cost 38,660 NOK
The national mean total udder health loss per litre of delivered milk 0.13 NOK
The herd's mean total udder health loss per litre of milk produced during the last year 0.20 NOK