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Table 3 Descriptive data about the individual stock bulls according to the herd of origin (homebred or purchased), region, vasectomy, vaccine status, BVD virus status and BoHV-1 serological status

From: Prevalence of BoHV-1 seropositive and BVD virus positive bulls on Irish dairy farms and associations between bull purchase and herd status

  Number of participating bulls
Herd of origin
 Homebred 286
 Purchased 243
 Vasectomized 55
 No Vasectomized 474
 Low dairy density (1) 172
 High dairy density (2) 354
Vaccine IBR
 Yes 454
 No 75
BVD virus status
 Positive 2
 Negative 527
IBR sero status
 Positive 87
 Negative 434