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Fig. 1

From: Genetic diversity of ruminant Pestivirus strains collected in Northern Ireland between 1999 and 2011 and the role of live ruminant imports

Fig. 1

Phylogenetic typing of 27 selected (excluding identical strains) Panel II isolates in the 5’UTR. Reference strains are marked with a circle and the accession numbers for these strains on NCBI Genbank are as follows: BVDV-1a- NADL (M31182), Singer (L32875), Oregon C24V (AB019678); BVDV-1b- Draper (L32880), Osloss (M96687); BVDV-1c- Bega (AF049221), Manasi (EU159702); BVDV-1d- F-Au (AF298065), 16-111-Fr (AF298056); BVDV-1e- 10-84-Fr (AF2980054), 3186 V6 (AF298062); BVDV-1f- J-Au (AF298076), W-Au (AF298073); BVDV-1 g- A-Au (AF298064), L-Au (AF298069); BVDV-1 h- G-Au (AF298066), KM-SK (AF298068); BVDV-1i- 23-15 (AF298059); BVDV-1j- KS86-1-ncp (AB078950), Deer (AB040132); BVDV-1 k- Suwa (AF117699), Rebe (AF299317); BVDV-1 m- ZM-95 (AF526381), TY05 (GU120242); BVDV-1n- Shitara-02-06 (AB359930), So CP-75 (AB359929); BVDV-1o- IS25CP-01 (AB359931), AQGN96B15 (AB300691); BVDV-1p- BJ0702 (GU120248), BJ0703 (GU120249); BVDV-2- 890 (BVU18059). GenBank accession numbers for the 5’ regions sequenced for this paper are KP999051-KP999149

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