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Table 1 Scale for assessment of response to noxious stimulus to the left flank, ataxia and analgesia of six goats that received thoracolumbar epidural anaesthesia

From: Thoracolumbar epidural anaesthesia with 0.5% bupivacaine with or without methadone in goats

Score Description
Response to noxious stimulus
No No response to noxious stimulus or mild response with panniculus reflex
Yes Response to electrical stimulation, evident panniculus reflex and movement of head and/or tail
0 No ataxia
1 Difficulty to move, but manages to remain standing without assistance
2 Recumbency
1 Normal response, with a vigorous and fast reaction to noxious stimulus
2 Decreased response, but with tail movement in response to noxious stimulus
3 Moderate response to noxious stimulus, but animal is restless
4 Full analgesia, animal is quiet and indifferent to noxious stimulus