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Table 4 Sample sizes and incident percentages for behavioural history and authority involvement

From: Dog bite injuries to humans and the use of breed-specific legislation: a comparison of bites from legislated and non-legislated dog breeds

History of aggression Non-Legislated Legislated Reported before bite Non-legislated Legislated Reported after bite Non-legislated Legislated
n (%)a n (%)a n (%)a n (%)a   n(%)a n(%)a
No history of aggression 28(28) 6(15) Not reported before bite 58(58) 15(37.5) Not reported after bite 72(72.7) 18(45)
Yes, had behaved aggressively 20(20) 10(25) Do not know 40(40) 20(50) Do not know 20(20.2) 15(37.5)
Yes, had bitten 15(15) 4(10) Yes, reported to police 2(2) 3(7.5) Yes, reported to police 4(4) 5(12.5)
Do not know 37(37) 20(50) Yes, reported to animal control 0 2(5) Yes, reported to animal control 3(3) 2(5)
  1. aOnly valid responses are used for analyses, therefore totals may not add to total sample size (N = 140)