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Fig. 3

From: Month-wise variation and prediction of bulk tank somatic cell count in Brazilian dairy herds and its impact on payment based on milk quality

Fig. 3

Time series analysis with predicted values and confidence interval for prediction of bulk tank somatic cell count (BTSCC) for each payment program based on milk quality (PPBMQ) class. In each graph, we present the BTSCC geometric mean for farms in each month in each PPBMQ class for 2011 to 2015, and their respective predicted values and the confidence interval for the prediction for 2016. The classes were: Class 1–1000 to 200,000 cells/mL, Class 2–201,000 to 400,000 cells/mL, Class 3–401,000 to 500,000 cells/mL, Class 4–501,000 to 800,000 cells/mL, Class 5 - > 800,000 cells/mL)

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