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Table 6 Sample sizes and incident percentages for dog control officer survey

From: Erratum to: Dog bite injuries to humans and the use of breed-specific legislation: a comparison of bites from legislated and non-legislated dog breeds

  n (%)a
How is a dog’s breed identified?  
Officer visually identifies the breeds 5(29)
Officer visually identifies the breeds and asks owner 6(35)
Officer visually identifies, asks owner and checks records 5(29)
Do not record breed 1(6)
Do you currently accept surrenders of legislated dog breeds from the public?  
 Yes 15(94)
 No 1(6)
 Missing 1
Do you allow the rehoming of legislated dog breeds?  
 Yes 15(94)
 No (some breeds) 1(6)
 Missing 1
Do you believe breed specific legislation is effective in reducing dog bites in Ireland  
 Yes 10(59)
 No 7(41)
In your experience, do you believe legislated dog breeds can inflict greater injuries or physical damage compared to non-legislated breeds of similar size?  
 Yes 9(56)
 No 7(44)
 Missing 1
In your experience, are legislated dog breeds more aggressive than non-legislated breeds?  
 Yes 3(19)
 No 13(81)
 Missing 1