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Table 3 Criteria used for the classification of lungs based on macroscopic examination after removal from the abattoir

From: First confirmation by PCR of Jaagsiekte sheep retrovirus in Ireland and prevalence of ovine pulmonary adenocarcinoma in adult sheep at slaughter

Macroscopic Lesion Category Description
Abscess(es) Single-multiple, variably-sized, well-demarcated, round nodules with fibrous capsule and central cavity filled with white/green/yellow creamy material (pus)
Cranioventral consolidation Ventral aspects of cranial +/− middle lung lobes dark red-purple in colour, well-demarcated, firm on palpation
Discolouration Any region of discolouration distinct from others described in classification system
Fibrosis Firm, pale, fibrous scar tissue
Focal firm nodule Focal-multifocal, variably-sized, well-demarcated, firm, homogenously solid, grey nodule(s) within parenchyma
Mineralisation Mineralised foci not consistent with parasitic granulomas
Other Lesions not consistent with others listed
Subpleural parasitic granulomas Multifocal pale tan/green well-demarcated, irregularly-circular slightly raised foci, up to2cm diameter, on dorsal aspect of the caudal lung lobes, +/− mineralisation
Macroscopic Suspect OPA (MSO) Locally-extensive, well-demarcated, consolidated, heavy, oedematous, grey-purple areas
Uncollapsed Diffusely uncollapsed