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Table 1 Isolated Gallibacterium strains, investigated organs and pathological findings in the hosts

From: Identification, differentiation and antibiotic susceptibility of Gallibacterium isolates from diseased poultry

Isolate Host Age Investigated organs Pathological findings
Ge 002 Chicken Adult Lung, ovary, spleen Swollen kidney, ovarian degeneration, liver congestion, haemorrhagic enteritis
Ge 004 Chicken Juvenile Proventriculus, lung Airsacculitis, ovarian atrophy, enlargement of heart, parenchym congestion, swollen kidneys
Ge 006 Chicken Adult Larynx, liver, lung, ovary Laryngitis, swollen kidney, splenomegaly, polyseroritis
Ge 023 Chicken Adult Heart, liver, lung, spleen Ascites, pulmonary oedema, hydropericarditis, hepatomegaly with perihepatitis, haemorrhagic enteritis
Ge 024 Chicken Adult Larynx, ovary Airsacculitis, splenomegaly, ovarian degeneration
Ge 081 Chicken Adult Ovary, spleen Lung abscess, enteritis, serositis
Ge 082 Chicken Adult Ovary, heart, kidney, liver, spleen Enteritis, pulmonic abscess, serositis
Ge 095 Chicken Adult Lung Nasal sinusitis, pulmonary oedema, swollen liver
Ge 100 Chicken Juvenile Lung Enteritis, hepatitis, hepatomegaly and splenomegaly
Ge 103 Chicken Juvenile Lung, spleen Liver congestion, pulmonary oedema, haemorrhagic enteritis, swollen kidneys, yolk sac persistence
Ge 134 Chicken Juvenile Air sac, brain, eye, heart, larynx, lung Appendicitis, conjunctivitis, hepatitis, pulmonary oedema, rhinitis
Ge 156 Chicken Adult Kidney, lung, spleen Crop inflammation, enteritis, parenchymitis
Ge 168 Chicken Juvenile Kidney, lung, trachea Conjunctivitis, uveitis, airsacculitis and enteritis, laryngitis, pneumonia, hepatomegaly, nephritis, splenomegaly
Ge 173 Chicken Adult Heart, lung Liver paleness
Ge 186 Chicken Adult Proventriculus, lung Air sacculitis, enteritis
Ge 223 Chicken Adult Proventriculus, lung Hepatomegaly, nephritis, enteritis, spleen inflammation
Ge 297 Chicken Juvenile Brain, larynx, trachea Ovarian atrophy, enteritis, laryngitis
Ge 160 Partridge Juvenile Brain, lung Pneumonia, airsacculitis, enteritis, hepatitis, nephritis
Ge 258 Turkey Juvenile Nasal cavity Enteritis, septicaemia, serositis, swollen parenchymes