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Table 4 Results of species identification via DNA sequencing and PCR-RFLP and occurrence of other pathogens in investigated hosts

From: Identification, differentiation and antibiotic susceptibility of Gallibacterium isolates from diseased poultry

Isolates DNA sequencing PCR-RFLP results Other detected pathogensa
Ge 002 n. d.d G. anatis E. coli
Ge 004 + G. anatis
Ge 006 n. d.d G. anatis E. coli; adenovirus
Ge 023 + G. anatis M. synoviae c
Ge 024 + G. anatis
Ge 081 + G. genomospecies E. coli; adenovirus
Ge 082 + G. genomospecies E. coli; adenovirus
Ge 095 + G. anatis E. coli; C. perfringens; adenovirus
Ge 100 + G. anatis E. coli
Ge 103 + G. anatis
Ge 134 + G. anatis adenovirus
Ge 156 + G. anatis
Ge 168 + G. anatis
Ge 173 + G. anatis
Ge 186 n. d.d G. genomospecies/G. anatis
Ge 223 + G. anatis
Ge 297 + G. anatis M. gallinarum b
Ge 160 + G. anatis
Ge 258 + G. anatis C. perfringens
  1. aDetected by bacteriological, culture or cell culture methods
  2. bDetection of antibodies against M. gallisepticum
  3. cDetection of antibodies against M. synoviae
  4. dn. d. not determined