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Table 3 Details of minor complications in horses following recovery with the one-man (head and tail) rope recovery system following various surgical procedures

From: A retrospective report (2003–2013) of the complications associated with the use of a one-man (head and tail) rope recovery system in horses following general anaesthesia

N Complications Additional comments Surgical procedure
5 Equipment failure Loose halter Exploratory laparotomy
Tail hair broke Sarcoid removal
Tail hair broke Tooth extraction
Tail rope slipped off Castration
Facial paralysis Wound closure
4 Poor quality Fell down after standing Arthroscopy
Several attempts to stand Arthroscopy
Lost shoe and broke hoof wall Sarcoid removal
None Arthroscopy
3 Long recovery None Tumour removal
None Exploratory laparotomy
Cardiac arrest. Resuscitated Arthroscopy
2 Excitation Respiratory problem Neurectomy
Wound to coronary band. Desmotomy/Neurectomy
2 Myopathy None Exploratory laparotomy
None Metatarsal fracture repair
1 Restless Dog–sitting position Eye surgery
1 Hindlimb Weakness None Mandibular fracture
  1. N (number of horses)
  2. Details of the 18 horses that suffered minor (non-fatal) complications following general anaesthesia and recovery with one-man (head and tail) rope recovery system, and surgical procedures carried out