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Table 1 Health issue scoring systems adapted from Welfare Quality®a

From: Identifying physiological measures of lifetime welfare status in pigs: exploring the usefulness of haptoglobin, C- reactive protein and hair cortisol sampled at the time of slaughter

Measure Score Description
Lameness 0 Normal gait
  1 Difficulty in walking, but still using all legs
  2 Severely lame, minimum weight–bearing on the affected limb
  3 No weight–bearing on the affected limb or not able to walk
Scouring 0 No evidence of scouring
  1 Possibly present by diarrhoea/staining around and below anus
  2 Observed in the act of scouring
Coughing 0 Absent
  1 Present (once)
  2 Persistent (more than once)
  1. aWelfare Quality® protocol for pigs [26]