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Table 1 List of canine, feline and equine behaviour issues included in the survey

From: Towards the development of day one competences in veterinary behaviour medicine: survey of veterinary professionals experience in companion animal practice in Ireland

Species Behaviour Problems
Canine Toilet training
Inappropriate elimination
Aggression towards people
Aggression towards other dogs
Dog-reactive (dogs that over-react to other dogs)
Anxiety-related problems (e.g. separation anxiety)
Fearful behaviour (e.g. fear of fireworks, fear of the hoover)
Destructive behaviour (e.g. chewing furniture)
Compulsive disorders (e.g. tail-chasing, acral lick dermatitis)
Unruly behaviour (e.g. pulling on lead, jumping up)
Roaming or escaping
Poor recall
Other (please specify)
Feline House soiling
Destructive behaviour (e.g. scratching furniture)
Aggression towards owner and other family members
Aggression towards guests
Aggression towards other pets
Overgrooming, wool or blanket-sucking
Anxiety-related problems (e.g. hiding)
Fearful of other cats, dogs or people
Other (please specify)
Equine Handling problems (e.g. headshyness, barging)
Riding problems (e.g. bucking, spooking)
Stereotypies or stable vices (e.g. crib-biting, weaving)