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Table 2 B-FTAS items

From: Evaluation of a coaching workshop for the management of veterinary nursing students’ OSCE-associated test anxiety

Subscale Item Text
Social derogation (SO) 1 If I fail a test, I am afraid what my friends will think.
2 If I fail a test, I am afraid people will consider me worthless.
3 I am very worried about what my teacher will think or do if I fail this test.
4 I am worried that all my friends will get high scores on the test and only I will get low ones.
5 I am worried that failure on the test will embarrass me socially.
Cognitive obstruction (CO) 6 During a test, my thoughts are clear and I answer all questions. (R)
7 During a test, I feel that I’m in good shape and I’m organized. (R)
8 I feel that my chances are good to perform well on tests. (R)
9 I usually function well on tests. (R)
Physiological tenseness (PT) 10 I am very tense before a test, even if I am well prepared.
11 While I am taking an important test, my heart beats rapidly.
12 I am terribly scared of tests.
  1. R = reverse scored item