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Table 7 Focus group themes and subthemes

From: Evaluation of a coaching workshop for the management of veterinary nursing students’ OSCE-associated test anxiety

Themes Subthemes
1. Student experiences of OSCEs Negative perceptions of OSCEs
Preparation challenges
Waiting time challenges
OSCEs associated with high test anxiety
Being “under scrutiny”
Negative effects on performance
Formative “mock OSCE” is helpful
Staff support is helpful
Memorization is a factor in preparation
2. Student experiences of the intervention Empowerment
Sense of perspective
Value of sharing anxiety experiences with others
Neutrality towards the intervention
Positivity towards breathing exercises
Positivity towards cognitive restructuring exercise (“OSCE animal”)
Positivity towards waiting area alterations
Waiting area alterations acted as a reminder
Talking during waiting period
Preference for waiting in small groups
Negativity towards looped music while waiting
Other helpful effects
3. Suggestions for future OSCE management Suggestions related to the intervention
Suggestions related to waiting room
Desire for repeated practice opportunities
Desire for additional resources to practice specific tasks/areas
Attention to “real-life” details
Replace OSCEs altogether
More clarity on marking methodology
Persistent fear despite interventions