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Table 3 Effect of oridonin on cecal microbiota of broilers challenged with S. pullorum (log CFU)

From: Effect of dietary oridonin supplementation on growth performance, gut health, and immune response of broilers infected with Salmonella pullorum

Items Diet SEM2 P-value
Day 7
Lactobacillus 7.34a 5.94c 6.59b 6.97ab 7.40a 0.13 0.001
Salmonella 7.13b 8.24a 7.16b 7.13b 6.94b 0.11 0.003
Day 14
Lactobacillus 7.41a 6.76b 7.59a 7.73a 7.82a 0.11 0.002
Salmonella 5.64c 7.57a 6.37b 5.72c 5.27c 0.17 0.002
Day 21
Lactobacillus 6.91b 6.76b 6.83b 7.12ab 7.39a 0.06 0.044
Salmonella 6.76b 7.67a 7.13ab 6.69b 6.32b 0.12 0.005
  1. 1CON = nonchallenge control, SCC = Salmonella-challenged control, O1 = S. pullorum challenge fed the basal diet plus 50 mg/kg ORI; O2 = S. pullorum challenge fed the basal diet plus 80 mg/kg ORI, O3 = S. pullorum challenge fed the basal diet plus 100 mg/kg ORI
  2. 2SEM = standard error of mean
  3. 3,a,b,cValues within a row not sharing the same superscript are different at P < 0.05; n = 6