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Table 6 Effect of oridonin on IgG and IgA contents in jejunal mucosa of broilers challenged with S. pullorum

From: Effect of dietary oridonin supplementation on growth performance, gut health, and immune response of broilers infected with Salmonella pullorum

Items Diet SEM2 P-value
Day 7
 IgG (μg/mgprot) 1.64b 2.62a 2.07b 1.97b 1.85b 0.08 0.013
 IgA (μg/mgprot) 2.43b 4.17a 3.87b 2.77b 2.48b 0.14 0.021
Day 14
 IgG (μg/mgprot) 2.17b 4.28a 2.67b 2.41b 2.19b 0.18 0.014
 IgA (μg/mgprot) 2.24b 4.05a 3.76b 2.42b 2.21b 0.22 0.011
Day 21
 IgG (μg/mgprot) 2.42b 5.07a 3.45b 2.87b 2.68b 0.23 0.003
 IgA (μg/mgprot) 2.05b 2.41a 1.92b 1.74b 1.54b 0.21 0.011
  1. 1CON = nonchallenge control, SCC = Salmonella-challenged control, O1 = S. pullorum challenge fed the basal diet plus 50 mg/kg ORI; O2 = S. pullorum challenge fed the basal diet plus 80 mg/kg ORI, O3 = S. pullorum challenge fed the basal diet plus 100 mg/kg ORI
  2. 2SEM = standard error of mean
  3. 3,a,b,cValues within a row not sharing the same superscript are different at P < 0.05; n = 6