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Table 2 Specific criteria for assessment of endoscopic efficacy parameters and scoring system

From: The evaluation of three treatment protocols using oral prednisone and oral meloxicam for therapy of canine idiopathic lymphoplasmacytic rhinitis: a pilot study

Parameter Description Score Final overall score of endoscopic changes
Mucous accumulation Absent 0 0–2 (−) absent 3–5 (+) mild 6–9 (++) moderate 9 (+++) severe
Serous/ sero-mucous, small amount- mild 1
Mucous/ sero- purulent, small amount- moderate 2
Purulent/ muco-purulent/ haemorrhagic, large amount- severe 3
Severity of hyperaemia Absent/ normal mucosa 0
Mild (present in less than 20% of nasal cavity) 1
Moderate (20–40% of nasal cavity) 2
Severe (> 40% of nasal cavity) 3
Turbinate oedema Absent/normal mucosa 0
Oedematous mucosa 1
Marked oedema 2
Polypoid mucosa 3