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Table 7 Detection of foetopathogens in Irish aborted and stillborn foetuses and placentae

From: Investigation of bovine abortion and stillbirth/perinatal mortality - similar diagnostic challenges, different approaches

Organism %
Trueperella pyogenes 6.8
Bacillius licheniformis 5.3
Salmonella Dublin 4.2
Neospora caninum 4.0a
Listeria monocytogenes 2.2
Aspergillus spp 0.6
Secondary bacterial and fungal spp. 7.4
  1. anot all foetuses are tested for Leptospira hardjo (foetal ELISA) and Neospora caninum (foetal ELISA +/− histology), hence no figures are recorded for the former and those for the latter pathogen do not represent the full sampling frame (n = 1970 cases)
  2. Source: Sanchez-Miguel, (2019), [44]