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Table 4 Amount of faeces (kg) of dairy buffaloes at different defecation locations (means ± SE)

From: Impacts of drainage beds covered with sand and wood shavings on the comfort behaviour of dairy buffalo in a temperate climate

Defecation locationAmount of faecesDefecation locationAmount of faeces
Alley143.8 ± 17.6AAlley187.1 ± 7.3A
S-10a55.8 ± 13.9BS-10b43.7 ± 8.3B
S-1525.1 ± 5.5BWS-1535.2 ± 3.7B
S-2035.4 ± 4.0BWS-2025.4 ± 3.8B
  1. A, B Means within variable having different superscript letters differ (P < 0.01)