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Table 3 Themes, Subcategories and open codes

From: Community readiness for collecting stray dogs in Aradan County: a quantitative‐qualitative study

Themes Subcategories Examples of Open Codes
Community efforts Killing stray dogs in the past
Collecting but not killing the stray dogs now
Organizational activities
The difference in developing the project between the city and the village
The use of poisons around waste is an old problem-solving method
Sterilize dogs as a new method
Start of activities by forming a stray dog
Community knowledge of the efforts Governmental actions to provide information
Public actions to get information
People’s relative awareness of efforts
Informing the community members by the municipality with installing banners before implementing the plan
People go to healthcare centers in case of animal bites for more information
Leadership Supervisory organizations
Municipality and government officials in the village (‘Dehyari’) mostly responsible for this issue
The relative leadership of other organizations
The municipality, the governorate and the health sector as the leaders of this issue in the community
The role of religious leaders and other organizations in creating a culture on the subject of stray dogs
Community climate Positive attitude and public demand for implementing the project
Negative view of Society for Protection against Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) about how stray dogs are collected
Public attention at the time of project implementation
The problem of stray dogs in the villages is more serious and the councils are more aware of this issue
Community knowledge of the issue In the city:
People’s relative awareness of the dangers of stray dogs and the related diseases
Lack of people’s awareness of the effective actions
Public awareness of the responsible organizations.
In the village:
Lack of villagers’ awareness of the dangers of stray dogs and the related diseases
Public awareness of the responsible organizations
In the city:
Lack of public awareness about dog contamination
Low public awareness about keeping a pet
In the village:
Lack of awareness due to the low susceptibility of the villagers to stray dogs
Resources related to the issue Differences in resources in urban and village, opportunities and challenges Lack of funds in the discussion of veterinary education
Volunteer to implement the project
Lack of plans to expand the project