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Table 4 Simplified schematic presentation of groups resulting from cluster analysis

From: Identification of different attitudes towards paratuberculosis control using cluster analysis applied on data from an anonymous survey among German cattle farmers

Clustering characteristics   Do you assume or know that your herd is affected by paratuberculosis? Additional characteristics
No Yes
Do you consider paratuberculosis a dangerous epizootic disease?
Would you welcome a mandatory control programme in Germany?
Do you think that paratuberculosis threatens your cattle business’ profitability?
No Group 1
‘Informed Sceptics’
Participationa: Yes
Group 2
Participationa: No
All Groups:
-want to know the paratuberculosis status of the herd of origin when buying breeding cattle
- fear that a potential public health impact of MAP exposure will damage the image of the dairy and beef sector
Yes Group 4
‘Free Supporters’
Participationa: Yes
Group 3
‘Affected supporters’
Participationa: Yes
  1. aAnswer to the question ‘Will the detection of MAP in your herd prod you into enroling in a paratuberculosis control programme?’