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Table 3 Reported test characteristics for herd-level tests for MAP, adapted from [21]

From: Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis infection in cattle – a review in the context of seasonal pasture-based dairy herds

Screening test Herd sensitivity (%) Herd specificity (%)
Whole-herd ELISAa 56–95 0–96
Whole-herd ELISA + PCRa 60–86 100c
BMT ELISA 8–30 95–100
BMT PCR/culture 0–77 100c
Pooled faecal testinga 54–94 100c
Environmental samplingb 24–79 100c
  1. aFrom field studies using culture methods as a reference test
  2. bFrom studies evaluating a protocol using six composite samples
  3. cHerd specificity can be assumed to be 100% due to direct detection of MAP bacteria