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Associate Editor

Associate Professor Barry John McMahon

UCD School of Agriculture & Food, Ireland

Barry John McMahon is an Associate Professor at the UCD School of Agriculture & Food where he has been a faculty member since 2011. He completed a BAgrSc in Agricultural and Environmental Science and a PhD in UCD examining the interaction between agriculture and avian biodiversity. His current research blends conservation biology with zoonotic epidemiology with a focus on biodiversity in agricultural ecosystems coupled with exploring diseases, including AMR, that are reservoired in or disseminated by wild birds and mammals. A major focus of Barry’s research relates to the importance of biodiversity within agricultural systems and how that translates to One Health. In addition Barry was a founder member of the European Ecohealth International Chapter that derived from the Network for the Evaluation of One Health COST Action TD1404. Overall, the theme of his research relates to the One Health initiative.