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Animal Health Ireland

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Irish Veterinary Journal are proud to support Animal Health Ireland, an industry-led, not-for-profit partnership between livestock producers, processors, animal health advisers and government.

Their mission is to enhance value for beef and dairy farmers and the agri-food industry through superior animal health.

Editor-in-Chief Michael Doherty is currently Director of Animal Health Ireland.

Aims and scope

Irish Veterinary Journal is an open access journal with a vision to make a substantial contribution to the dissemination of evidence-based knowledge that will promote optimal health and welfare of both domestic and wild species of animals.

Irish Veterinary Journal has a clinical research focus with an emphasis on the effective management of health in both individual and populations of animals.  Published studies will be relevant to both the international veterinary profession and veterinary scientists. Papers relating to veterinary education, veterinary ethics, veterinary public health, or relevant studies in the area of social science (participatory research) are also within the scope of Irish Veterinary Journal.


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