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Table 1 History and signalment of the three horses diagnosed with right dorsal colitis

From: Right dorsal colitis in the horse: minireview and reports on three cases in Ireland

Horse 1 2 3
Age (years) 2 5 10
Gender Colt Gelding Mare
Breed Thoroughbred half breed half breed
Clinical signs reported by owner prior to admission Weight loss, intermittent colic,
Moderate bout of colic. Weight loss, intermittent colic and diarrhoea.
Duration of signs before admission (days) 30 1 180
Duration of administration of phenylbutazone (days) 7 14 20
Estimated dose of phenylbutazone administered ( per os ) 5 mg/kg/bwt b.i.d.
for two day and 2.5 mg/kg/bwt. b.i.d. for five days
4 mg/kg/bwt b.i.d. for two days and 2 mg/kg/bwt b.i.d. for twelve days precise data not available