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Table 1 Details of the five cases of hemivertebra in dogs

From: Nasca classification of hemivertebra in five dogs

Case No Breed Age Gender status Neurological Involved vertebrae Nasca classification
1 Mixed 6 m Male Paraparesis T5 - T9 Multiple hemivertebra Type 3
2 Mixed 3 m Female Paraplegia T3 - T9 Multiple hemivertebrae Type 3
3 Mixed 3 m Male Nonambulatory tetraparesis C7 - T7 Multiple hemivertebra Type 4a
4 Mixed 4 m Female Paraparesis L2 - L3 L3 hemivertebra Type 1
L2 hemivertebra Type 2b
5 Doberman
4 m Male Nonambulatory tetraparesis C7 Wedge-shaped vertebra Type 2a