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Table 1 Overview of the three communication types in veterinary advisory practice

From: Communication in production animal medicine: modelling a complex interaction with the example of dairy herd health medicine

Type of communication Questions adressed Objective Time-character Example
Person- orientated communication (POC) Who are you?
How are you?
What role do you want to take?
What role do you want me to take?
Development of personal relationship; building up mutual trust and understanding Permanent General product quality issues;
Market situation;
Discussions of general needs and wishes;
Personal matters
Problem- orientated communication (PrOC) What is your problem?
What do you want me to do?
Acute problem that needs attention and resolving Momentary, transitory Analysis and solution of a herd fertility problem.
Application of "Blitz-Therapy"
Solution- orientated communication (SOC) What are our goals?
How can we improve your performance?
Addressing longstanding problems; improving performance Long-term Installing a herd health scheme or a HACCP-like quality risk management approach.
Constant monitoring of SCC with an intervention level