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Table 2 Cases of suspected ergot poisoning in cattle in Ireland, from spring 1986[9]

From: Ergot alkaloid intoxication in perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne): an emerging animal health concern in Ireland?

Animal species Presentation Notes
2½ year old Friesian heifer Very dull and inappetant, obvious pinging on auscultation and percussion of the left paralumbar fossa associated with a large empty rumen, marked ketonuria Fed mouldy concentrates, aborted at 8 months gestation
5 year old Jersey cow Recumbent, in extremis Silage fed
1 year old Friesian bullock Quite bright, eating normally Silage fed
3 month old Friesian calf Quite bright, eating normally Fed poor quality hay
  1. All four animals were negative on both serology and bacteriology to Salmonella spp. All animals presented with cold insensitive extremities, and with some degree of sloughing of the ear tips, tail and digital horn of the hind limbs.