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Table 2 Responses to Official Veterinarian (n = 46) survey in relation to acceptance of On Farm Emergency Slaughtered and Casualty Slaughtered animals under Veterinary Certification into Slaughterhouses

From: Analysis of the operation of on farm emergency slaughter of bovine animals in the Republic of Ireland

Responses Numbers
Food Business Operators did not accept OFES animals. 41(89 %)
Food Business Operators accepted OFES animals. 5(11 %)
Food Business Operators perceived that OFES would have a negative impact on consumer perception of their business. 28(61 %)
Official Veterinarians accepted animals for CS with veterinary certification. 23(50 %)
Official Veterinarians did not accept animals for CS with veterinary certification.. 9(20 %)
OVs perceived there was an increased food safety risk to consumers from consuming OFES meat. 8(17 %)
OVs perceived there was an increased risk of Dark, Firm and Dry meat and a decrease in quality 7(15 %)