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Table 1 The most important simultaneous RESET actions taken by involved stakeholders to decrease antibiotic usage in dairy cattle in the Netherlands

From: The RESET Mindset Model applied on decreasing antibiotic usage in dairy cattle in the Netherlands

Rules Education Social Pressure Economics Tools
- 1-to-1 relationship dairy farmer and veterinarian
- No preventive antibiotic usage (no blanket DCT)
- Herd health plan
- Transparency on antibiotic usage
- Limitations on use of specific antibiotics
- Action plan when antibiotic usage is too high
- Publications in scientific and farmer journals
- Press releases
- Guidelines on antibiotic usage
- Specific courses for veterinarians on herd health plans
- Study groups on antibiotic usage for farmers
- Lectures, meetings, symposia
- Public opinion on responsibility towards human health
- Initiation of the ‘antibiotic number’ DDDAF
- Benchmark on DDDA for farmers and veterinarians
- Discussions on alternative (preventive) approaches with different herd health advisors
- Costs of dry cow antibiotics
- Imminent threat of sanctions when failing to commit
- Indirect threat of losing customer trust, national and international
- Herd health and treatment plan
- Medi-Rund
- Standard treatment protocols
- Colour codes for passing signalling and action thresholds on antibiotic usage
- Setting signalling and actions thresholds on antibiotic usage