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Table 3 Mini-IPIP items (adapted from Donnellan et al. 2006)

From: Evaluation of a coaching workshop for the management of veterinary nursing students’ OSCE-associated test anxiety

Item Factor Text
1 E I am the life of the party
2 A I sympathise with others’ feelings
3 C I get chores done right away
4 N I have frequent mood swings
5 O I have a vivid imagination
6 E I don’t talk a lot (R)
7 A I am not interested in other peoples’ problems (R)
8 C I often forget to put things back in their proper place (R)
9 N I am relaxed most of the time (R)
10 O I am not interested in abstract ideas (R)
11 E I talk to a lot of different people at parties
12 A I feel others’ emotions
13 C I like order
14 N I get upset easily
15 O I have difficulty understanding abstract ideas (R)
16 E I keep in the background (R)
17 A I am not really interested in others (R)
18 C I make a mess of things (R)
19 N I seldom feel blue (R)
20 O I do not have a good imagination (R)
  1. E extraversion; A agreeableness; C conscientiousness; N neuroticism; O openness (sometimes also referred to as intellect/imagination); (R) reverse scored item