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Fig. 9

From: The bovine tuberculosis cluster in north County Sligo during 2014–16

Fig. 9

Number of herds in the study area with a bTB breakdown during each year during 2014–16 (left, orange bar), and number of other herds in the study area (right, orange bar), alongside 4 indicators of risk of bTB infection from the movement of cattle, calculated for each herd with reference to whether it had received animals from other herds previously or in the future containing reactor animals or with lesions discovered at slaughter. Only the first bTB restriction was included for seven of the study herds which had two restrictions during the study period. Indicators using data for the year following the year measured are not included for 2016, as data were not available for 2017. Note that the right-hand figure is scaled so that the bar for the total number of non-infected herds, 2014–2016, matches the total number of herds restricted during 2014. Herds within the study area were determined based on the location of land parcels

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