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Table 1 Number (%) of bTB restrictions, by restriction severity and risk classification of the breakdown test. Herds within the study area were determined based on the District Electoral Division of the herd number

From: The bovine tuberculosis cluster in north County Sligo during 2014–16

Risk classification of the breakdown test Restriction severity (Number of SICTTa reactors/animals with bTB lesions at slaughter) Total
1 2–3 ≥4
Low-risk b 14 (51.9)c 9 (33.3)c 4 (14.8)c 27 (37.5)d
High-risk e 16 (35.6)f 10 (22.2)f 19 (42.2)f 45 (62.5)d
Total 30 (41.7)d 19 (26.4)d 23 (31.9)d 72
  1. aSingle intradermal comparative tuberculin test
  2. bThe initial breakdown test was classified as ‘low-risk’ if conducted on unrestricted ‘low’ risk herds. All unrestricted ‘low’ risk herds are tested annually with single intradermal comparative tuberculin tests (SICTT) conducted on all animals > 6 weeks of age (the annual test; test type [TT] 1)
  3. c% of restrictions that were first detected with a low-risk test
  4. d% of all restrictions
  5. eAll other breakdown tests using SICTTs were defined as ‘high risk’ tests, including inconclusive retests (TT3), contiguous (TT8), high risk (TT5A/F), post de-restriction (TT7B) and factory lesion tests (TT9A and TT10A; that is, following detection of a factory lesion during abattoir surveillance)
  6. f% of restrictions that were first detected with a high-risk test