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Table 4 Information about animals tested using the interferon (IFN)-γ test, including number of tests, number of animals slaughtered and number (%) positive at post-mortem, by test type (diagnostic or quality control) and test result in the study area during 2014–16

From: The bovine tuberculosis cluster in north County Sligo during 2014–16

Type of IFN-γ test, time difference between SICTT and IFN-γ IFN-γ result No. of tests (% positive) No. slaughtered No. (%) positive at post-mortem
Diagnostic IFN-γ test
 All herds Negative 352 106 2 (1.9)
Positive 114 (24.5) 92 9 (9.8)
 All herds except Herd Xa Negative 278 83 2 (2.4)
Positive 55 (16.5) 55 9 (16.4)
Quality control IFN-γ test Negative 9 9 2 (22.2)
Positive 174 (95.1) 169 112 (66.3)
  1. Diagnostic IFN-γ tests were conducted on animals with a negative single intradermal comparative tuberculin test (SICTT) result based on an SICTT conducted no greater than 60 days prior to the IFN-γ test, whereas quality control IFN-ɣ tests were conducted on SICTT standard reactors. Herds within the study area were determined based on the District Electoral Division of the herd number
  2. aIn October 2014, herd X, with only 2 SICTT reactors, had IFN-γ testing applied, of which 59 animals tested IFN-γ positive. None of these animals had a positive SICTT subsequent to the IFN-γ test, and it is likely that these animals were all false-positive