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Table 1 Additional information about the onset of sedation, requirement of additional anaesthetic agents, duration of general anaesthesia and intraoperative complications in three ring-tailed lemurs (Lemur catta)

From: Combination of intramuscular alfaxalone, butorphanol, and midazolam as a novel immobilization protocol in 3 ring-tailed lemurs (Lemur catta)

 Anaesthetic 1Anaesthetic 2Anaesthetic 3Anaesthetic 4Anaesthetic 5
ProcedureX-rays; degloving injury repair; post-operative x-raysCT; orthopaedic exam; tail amputationLeft foreleg amputation; tail amputationCTX-rays; left nephrectomy
Onset of deep sedation (min)33324
Top-up for intubationAlfaxalone 1.5 mg/kgNoneNoneSevoflurane by maskAlfaxalone 3 mg/kg
Time elapsed between sedation and intubation (min)445825577
EtSevo (%)Unknown1.18–1.430.77–2.31.0–2.81.2–1.7
Duration of general anaesthesia (min)663417155146
Time from end of anaesthesia to extubation (min)62192216
ComplicationsHypothermiaHypotension, hypothermiaNoneHypotension; hypothermia; bradycardiaHypothermia; bradycardia; mild hypercarbia