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Table 3 Description of the surfaces sampled in different areas of the BICU for microbiological analysis

From: Controlling bacteriological contamination of environmental surfaces at the biological isolation and containment unit of a veterinary teaching hospital

Sampling areas Surfaces Number of samples (n=)
 C1a   87
 C2a   87
 D1b   87
 D2b   87
  Doorknobs 48
Faucets 48
Cabinets 48
Cabinet handles c 96
Examination tables 48
Cages 60
 Work room   39
  Keyboard 12
Mouse 12
Telephone 15
 Preparatory   39
  Food/water bowls d 12
Countertop 12
Hand-held sponge 15
  1. a Cat isolation room
  2. b Dog isolation room
  3. c Divided into two separate samples, one representing a pool of the first three handles and other a pool of the last two
  4. d Samples taken as a pool of 3 bowls