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Volume 76 Supplement 1

Seventh International Conference on Mycobacterium bovis


Publication of this supplement was funded by M. bovis 2022. The articles have undergone the journal's standard peer review process for supplements. The Supplement Editor declares that they have no competing interests.

Galway, Ireland7-10 June 2022

Conference website

Edited by Eamonn Gormley.

  1. Bovine tuberculosis (bTB) is a severe zoonotic disease that has major impacts on both health and the economy, and which has been subjected to specific eradication programmes in many countries for decades. This...

    Authors: Javier Bezos, José Luis Sáez-Llorente, Julio Álvarez, Beatriz Romero, Alberto Díez-Guerrier, Lucas Domínguez and Lucía de Juan
    Citation: Irish Veterinary Journal 2023 76(Suppl 1):13
  2. The aim of this paper is to highlight the key lessons learned from Australia’s successful program to eradicate bovine tuberculosis (TB) over a 27-year period from 1970 when the Brucellosis and Tuberculosis Era...

    Authors: Ronald J. Glanville
    Citation: Irish Veterinary Journal 2023 76(Suppl 1):15
  3. Having entered into its second century, the eradication program for bovine tuberculosis (bTB, caused by Mycobacterium bovis) in the United States of America occupies a position both enviable and daunting. Excepti...

    Authors: Daniel J. O’Brien, Tyler C. Thacker, Liliana C. M. Salvador, Anthony G. Duffiney, Suelee Robbe-Austerman, Mark S. Camacho, Jason E. Lombard and Mitchell V. Palmer
    Citation: Irish Veterinary Journal 2023 76(Suppl 1):16
  4. In 2011, the Chilean bovine tuberculosis (bTB) program was launched by the Livestock and Agriculture Service (SAG) as a compulsory countrywide program based on testing and culling of bTB reactors at herd-owner...

    Authors: Nicolás Valdivieso and Patricio Retamal
    Citation: Irish Veterinary Journal 2023 76(Suppl 1):20